AcceleDent® Optima™

Healthy, Beautiful Smiles…Faster™!

AcceleDent® Optima™ improves tooth movement by helping aligners fit more effectively and reduces pain and discomfort associated with tooth movement.

Lightweight & Easy-to-use

AcceleDent Optima was designed to fit your lifestyle. Use the hands-free device for just 20 minutes a day during routine activities such as reading, watching TV, listening to music, browsing the internet or showering.


Designed to Fit Your Lifestyle

AcceleDent Optima combines high-tech performance features and a comprehensive app to enhance your accelerated orthodontic experience and empower you to become a full participant in your treatment.


• Small & Lightweight Design
• Waterproof Activator
• Wireless Charging
• Bluetooth® Enabled

AcceleDent App

• Dashboard reports for tracking progress (also accessible on
• Motivation tools to encourage usage
• Community connectivity to share progress and updates with
friends, family and the treatment team


What are AcceleDent Patients Saying?

“AcceleDent was amazing for me because I wanted to accelerate the treatment process and it was ideal to reduce the discomfort I was experiencing.” – Karen M.
“Thanks to AcceleDent, what should have been a two-year ordeal took only one year. I couldn’t recommend AcceleDent more!” – Miguel A.
“I have used AcceleDent every day during my orthodontic treatment, and I love it!” – Jennifer K.
“I am so thankful to have found AcceleDent. I especially loved using it on days when I would switch trays, which helped alleviate the pain. I am so impressed with how quickly I saw results, and would absolutely recommend it to everyone! – Andrea A.
“AcceleDent is my best friend on adjustment day!” – Sonyah M., Patient
“Not only have my teeth moved very quickly, but using AcceleDent has greatly reduced the discomfort that I feel while wearing braces.” – Barbara K.
“I’m getting amazing results with AcceleDent!” – Scott M.
“I strongly recommend AcceleDent for anyone who wants to reduce their treatment time, and it’s so easy to use!” – Jean B.

How to Use and Care for AcceleDent Optima and Use the AcceleDent App