Foods To Avoid

Let’s talk about what you shouldn’t eat! Avoid tough meats, hard foods, and raw vegetables. Before long, you’ll be able  eat corn on the cob again. But until you’re braces are removed, you’ll need to protect your orthodontic appliances when you eat to help us create a good orthodontic result so you can remove your braces on time. Damaged braces from foods you shouldn’t eat will cause treatment to take longer!

What Food Should You Avoid?

  • Chewy foods: bagels, licorice, jerky
  • Crunchy foods: popcorn, ice, pretzels
  • Sticky foods: caramels, gum; they stick on the braces. or other orthodontic appliances and can be difficult to remove, loosen brackets, bands, or bend a wire
  • Hard foods: nuts, candy, hard pizza crust, hard rolls
  • Foods you have to bite into: corn on the cob, apples, carrots (cut them up until smaller pieces and take corn off the cob)
  • Chewing on pens, pencils or fingernails can damage the braces
  • Highly acidic foods — they can eat away at the tooth glue that adheres your braces to your teeth. Loose braces can extend treatment time. Examples, but not limited to: lemon, lime, sodas — even diet sodas

Tips for keeping treatment on schedule

  • Minimize broken brackets/broken bands by carefully choosing what you eat.
  • Come to all of your scheduled appointments — minimize rescheduling as this can add to your treatment length.
  • Maintain great oral hygiene by brushing your teeth regularly and using dental floss.
  • Continue to see your general dentist for cleanings and exams.
  • Follow our instructions when wearing rubber bands, appliances, and turning appliances for expansion.