Faith Hill Proudly Displays Her Braces at the Grammy Awards

Faith Hill proudly displayed her new smile with #ceramic braces at the 2013 Grammy Awards. They weren’t noticeable on TV but the photographers were able to clearly capture her tooth colored braces that she has been wearing for about seven months. She first mentioned the fact she was undergoing #orthodontic treatment in Nov 2012 in an interview with country radio station KNIX 102.5.

Faith Hill Wearing Braces

Why is Faith Hill Wearing Braces?

As a kid, Faith forgot to wear her retainers when #orthodontic treatment was completed. Let this be a lesson for all our patients at Advanced Orthodontics. Once braces are removed, it takes time for the gum and bone to fill in around the teeth and stabilize in their new position. During this time period, patients are instructed to wear their #retainers full time 6 months to a year, based on your treatment plan. After this stabilizing time, patients are instructed to continue to wear retainers at night.

Did You Know Teeth Move as Part of the Natural Aging Process?

Whether you undergo #orthodontic treatment or not, teeth move throughout life as part of the natural aging process. The amount of movement is different with every person. Some experience more movement than others. We recommend that all our patients wear their retainers a few nights a week indefinitely to maintain your beautiful smile throughout life.

Yes – it is easy to forget to wear your retainers, the way #Faith Hill did… but remembering to you’re your retainer is definitely less of a hassle than going through orthodontic treatment a second time as an adult. So don’t forget to wear your retainers as prescribed and contact our office or an #orthodontist in your area if you break or lose them to prevent your teeth moving in the future….

If you went through treatment as a kid, didn’t wear your retainers, and your teeth have moved, feel free to contact Advanced Orthodontics for a complimentary new patient exam at our convenient location in the Bellevue WA area.